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About Paul Stafford Design

Paul Stafford Design was founded in May 2009 and provides an independent and impartial service which combines a love of design with practical thinking.

I understand that buying a new kitchen is a stressful and mind boggling experience, with so many suppliers, appliances and accessories to think about.  

I have worked in the kitchen and interior industry since leaving university in 2002 and I have built up an in-depth understanding of how a kitchen is designed, built, installed, but most importantly how it’s used.

I have worked with kitchens imported from Italy to social hosing projects across the country and know how to make the most out of your budget.

Taking this knowledge and working as an independent designer not working for one particular company means I can work for you, not sell to you. Making sure you can have a kitchen that reflects your style, with a personal touch you often don’t get with larger suppliers.

Why chose Paul Stafford Design?

When choosing to renew your kitchen you need a design, having to visit numerous suppliers or have them visit you takes alot of time and sometimes turns into a pressure sell situation. I don't want you to go through that, designing kitchens is my passion and want the best design for you. Dealing with an independent designer gives you the confidence you are getting the best design for you. 

Kitchens are also not always square and have awkward spaces and using online quoting software doesn't always allow for this, being an experienced designer I can create accurate drawings which the free services can't always offer.

Once you have been visited or been to see a supplier you are provided with quotes which sometimes doesn't go into enough detail to see exactly what you are getting. Are they giving you the best deal?? Having a independent kitchen designer not trying to sell means that you can get the most for your money.

Paul Stafford

About Paul Stafford

My foundation as a Product Designer at Bournemouth University and subsequent experience in contract, retail and social kitchen projects, including space planning, interior and technical design, project planning, pricing and project management. I am able to deliver high quality, accurately and to budget. I'm experienced with a wide range of 2D and 3D design packages including Planit Fusion, VectorWorks, AutoCAD and Photoshop along with ProEngineer at University. I also have good experience of MS Office programs including the higher formula functions of Excel.

My University Degree involved progressing a project from design brief to research, design development, technical design for manufacture, prototyping and testing. I found that this course was unique and most attracted me to it, I enjoy being able to be apart of the whole process as I feel that being able to work through a project, using numerous resources and support binds a project together to optimise the success and profitability.

I have worked on large high end contract kitchen projects from tender stage, including detailed planning and design, working in partnership with architects and contractors, through pricing and sourcing suppliers to programming installations based on production, delivery and installation time-scales. I was also able to work on contracts, health and safety documents, along with being able to visit my sites and liaise with site managers and fitters brought extra experience to bring to my role on the next project.